I have been teaching a wide variety of fitness classes over the past 24 years and still do a few local classes with Pilates being my main interest now. I want everyone to enjoy the benefits of practising Pilates exercise and am passionate about technique and form.
I teach regular more classical Pilates and Trigger Point Pilates™ and both are suitable for various levels and abilities. Please contact me if you want to discuss any concerns about which class may be best suited to you

Regular Pilates uses exercises that are performed at a slower pace to improve core strength which then overall helps with posture, weak back problems, body balance as well as lots more benefits.

Trigger Point Pilates™
Focuses on internal myofascial release using foam rollers, benderballs, bands and spikey trigger point balls along with core strengthening, stability and stretch.
This style of training can help alleviate chronic pain conditions by undoing muscular restrictions to enhance good functional movement.

10am Quaker Hall, Devizes (gentle Pilates and stretch)
11am Quaker Hall, Devizes (gentle Pilates and stretch)

6.15pm Westbury Leigh Church Hall Pilates

10am Quaker Hall, Devizes (gentle Pilates and stretch)

6 pm Westbury Leigh Church Hall Trigger Point Pilates™ (booking essential)

9.00 am Westbury Leigh Church Hall Trigger Point Pilates™ (booking essential)
All equipment is provided

Class prices
Westbury Pilates are £6 pay as you go
Devizes Pilates £7 pay as you go or buy a 10 card block for £60 valid for 10 consecutive weeks
Trigger Point Pilates™ WESTBURY £7 pay as you go or pay for 5 consecutive sessions and pay £30 in advance ( no refunds for unused sessions)

Do you need some extra attention with your Pilates training. Then book in for a 45 minute personal training session £30 per session or prepay £100 for 4 sessions (to be used within a 4 week period)
This will take place within my treatment room at my home.