Reiki is a natural healing system working with universal energy that is channelled through the hands of the therapist.
It is a non invasisve treatment and is done fully clothed, with the therapist gently placing the hands on your body to allow the energy to flow.
It is not linked to any religion and will work for all whatever your beliefs.
Reiki promotes a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. It can help to balance emotions and may relieve stress and anxiety.

By acting as a channel to allow the flow of healing light and energy Spiritual Healing promotes self healing by relaxing the body and releasing tensions and negativity. Many people have feelings of low energy and can carry around  unhelpful energies such as anger and fear which can be alleviated by the healing.

With all the therapies you may feel warmth, a sense of comfort, cold, tingling or other sensations like movement, touch or a pain coming to the surface.

Reiki/Spiritual/Crystal Healing Therapies
60 or 75  minutes inclusive of time allowed for the clearing of any negative energies, grounding and being fully awake prior to leaving the treatment
£30 or £40